Uberlândia Recorder Academy

September 12th-15th, 2018


The event is produced by ASSOCIARTE and has the goal to support the reunion of Recorder players for musical development, share experiences and improve musical performance.

The event includes activities such as:


  • Master Classes

  • Lectures

  • Concerts

  • Recorder Orchestra

  • Harpsichord and Lute workshops

  • Traverso workshop

The event focuses on musical performance involving the Recorder, stimulating the participants to play, listen and improve musical interpretation.

The central theme of the event is the trajectory of the Recorder as a soloist instrument throughout history, with activities designed to include multiple musical styles such as early music, brazilian classial and popular music, and arragements for Recorder Orchestra.

The activities will be conducted by internationally renowned artists, such as António Carrilho (Portugal), David Castelo (Federal University of Goiás), Robson Bessa (Federal University of Minas Gerais), Geisa Felipe (UFU), renata Pereira, Duo Brasil (Uberlândia), which will also perform in concerts, recitals and teaching sessions. The festival will take place in the Federal University of Uberlândia (UFU) and the Uberlândia Conservatory os Music.

The festival is produced by the Cultural Office of Uberlândia’s Municipal Government, through the Municipal Program for Cutural Support. 



Andressa Leite – Producer


Started her musical studies in the Conservatory of Music of Uberlândia, at the age of nine. Since then, she has participated in various events in Brazil and abroad, performing in countries like Brazil, Uruguai, USA, Portugal and Belgium. In 2007 she finished the Recorder course at the Conservatory, institution in which she worked as a Recorder teacher.

She also graduated in Business management by Faculdade de Marketing e Negócios in 2012 and completed the MBA in finance by Faculdade Pitagoras in 2018. She was member of the Doce Harmonia Recorder Ensemble for more than 8 years, having participated in many performances and projects. She currently Works with cultural and social projects financial management, having more than 7 years experience in tghe field. 
She is a founding member of ASSORIARTE

Romes Jorge da Silva Júnior – Artistic Director


Romes finished the Recorder and Flute courses at the Uberlândia Conservatory of Music, having worked as a teacher in both instruments between 2009 and 2011 for teh same institution. 
He performs regularly in many music festivals, having participated and organized events in countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, USA, Portugal, Uruguai and Poland. In his musical carreer, he has received various scholarships for cultural Exchange, such as the  granted by the Ministério da Cultura (MINC), Secretaria de Cultura de Minas Gerais (SEC-MG) e American recorder Society (EUA).
He is graduated in Business and Law, and works as manager in the Federal University of Uberlândia, in which he also currently studies masters in Business. 
He is a founding member os ASSOCIARTE.


Ana Carolina de Oliveira – Communication Manager


Ana Carolina finished her musical studies in the Uberlândia Conservatory of Music ans since then has participated in multiple events, such as recitals, concerts, auditions and festivals. She was member of the Doce Harmonia Recorder ensemble for more than ten years, group with which she has  recorded many albums and organized a tour in Uruguai.
She has performed in many events and places in Brazil, Uruguai and Portugal, having learned with importante masters such as Alice Pacheco, Alexandre Zilahi, António Carrilho, Karla Dias and others.
She Works as administrative assistant for the municipal government and performs activities in support of cultural projects.
She is a founding member of ASSOCIARTE.

Rafael Augusto da Silva – Pedagogical Coordinator


Rafael started his musical studies with in the Uberlândia Conservatory of Music, at the age of ten, playing the Recorder. Since then, he has participated in multiple events like concerts, recitals, auditions ans music competitions.

In 2007 he finished the Recorder course at the Uberlândia Conservatory of Music. In 2003, he studied in France with Dominique Vasseur in the Regional Conservatory of Lille, having also studied bassoon and earned the ‘3ème niveau’ Diploma with honorable mentions from the júri.

Throughout his musical carreer, he has searched for musical knowledge in Brazil and abroad, having participated as guest artist in concerts and festivals. He is currently finishing his PHD studies in Electrical Engineering in the Federal University of Uberlândia.

He is a founding member os ASSOCIARTE.



ASSOCIARTE is a non profit organization created to support cultural activities in Uberlândia.

It started its activities in 2018, with the production of ENFLADU, and it focuses on social projects aimed at the musical education for Young people, as well on the improvement of the artistic scene in Uberlândia.
As part of the Uberlândia Recorder Academy, the organization will promote musical initiation workshops with students of the city, using the Recorder as the educational instrument.

If you want to know more or contribute with ideas and new projects, contact us.

Organizing Team

Andressa Leite - Financial Manager | Producer
Ana Carolina - Communications Manager
Rafael Augusto - Executive Producer | Pedagogical Coordinator
Romes Jorge - General Coordinator | Artistic Director

António Carrilho - Guest Artist
David Castelo - Guest Artist
Robson Bessa - Guest Artist
Geisa Felipe - Guest Artist

Renata Pereira - Guest Artist
Betiza Landim-
Guest Artist

Daniela Carrijo- Guest Artist

Monalisa Dias - Teaching Assistant