The 'Associação Livre de Arte, Educação e Cultura – ASSOCIARTE', toghether with the producer Andressa Leite, with support from the Uberlândia City Government through the municipal program for cultural support (PMIC), present the 1st Uberlândia recorder academy (ENFLADU), wich will be held in Uberlândia, from September 25th to 28th.


The meeting will promote concerts, workshops, master classes and lectures, focusing on the Recorder and its various expressions. The pedagogical activities will happen on a  daily basis, performed in the morning and afternoon. Internationally renowned guest artists will contribute to the exchange of knowledge and experiences among the participants.

All activities are free and open to the public, being held at the Federal University of Uberlândia - UFU and Uberlândia Conservatory of Music Cora Pavan Capparelli - CEMCPC.

1.    Participants
Recorder students and enthusiasts of all ages from Brazil and abroad are invited to participate in the academy as active participants or listeners. Applicants must register and provide the necessary information requested by the organizing committee.

2.    Enrollment
2.1. Enrollment entries must be made between 06 and 31 August 2018, exclusively online, through the forms available on the ENFLADU website:
2.2. The Candidate must provide a valid email to receive confirmation of the enrollment as well as information about the academy.
2.3. Participation in any course, concert or activity will be free, not being required any payment of registration fee.

3. Selection Process
3.1. Candidates enrolled as participants in the modalities listed below will undergo a selection process through which the organizing committee of the academy together with the guest teachers will analyze the information provided by the candidate. The activities are listed below:

a) Individual Recorder Master Class 
b) Recorder ensemble (2 or more participants)
c) Choro workshop
d) Harpsichord workshop
e) Lute workshop
f) Recorder Orchestra 

3.2. The organizing committee will distribute the participants between the teachers according to the information presented at the time of registration.
3.3. Participation in the Recorder orchestra in independent of participation in other modalities of the Meeting, allowing for simultaneous participation in multiple activities.

4.    Results
The list of registered participants and the division by teachers will be announced on 09 September 2018 in the ENFLADU website (

5.    Welcoming procedures
The opening ceremony will be made at the Federal University of Uberlândia and Uberlândia Conservatory of Music on September 25, from 8:00 am to 11:00 am, and participants in the 2nd ENFLADU will receive instructions, meet the organizing comitee and teachers of the Festival.

6.    Participation in the activities
6.1. Participants will have free access to classes and rehearsals through identification by the use of the identification badge, which must be carried at all times.
6.2. Participation in activities will be recorded by signing attendance lists, which will be distributed at the beginning of each activity.

6.3. At the end of the course, participants will receive a certificate listing the activities they participate in.
6.3. The schedule of activities will be announced on the official website, as well as at the opening ceremony.
6.4. The participant agrees to the use of images related to photographic, video-graphic or auditory records made by the organization of the event during its activities.

7.    Music scores, music stands and dress code

7.1. The participant must bring his own instruments and the scores of the work to be played, as well as a copy for the teacher, in case of participation in master class. You should also bring your music stand.
7.2. The scores for the Recorder Orchestra and the ensemble pieces will be posted on the ENFLADU website (, and the organizing committee will be responsible for distributing the students among the orchestral sections, if applicable. Each participant is also responsible for printing the scores.
7.3. The participants of the Recorder Orchestra should bring their own clothes for presentation at the final concert of the event (September 28th), preferably in black.

8.    Lodging and food expenses
8.1. Accommodation and food expenses will occur by the participants own account, so that the organizing committee will not be responsible for such expenses.
8.2. The organizing committee of the festival will eventually announce possible partnerships with hotels and restaurants, to offer discounts to the participants of the event.

9.    Final information
9.1. The organizing committee of the 2nd ENFLADU will not be responsible for the participants' personal assets, such as instruments, materials and values.
9.2. Specific cases will be addressed by the organizing committee, including acts and actions not included in this document that may result in the participant being dismissed from the activities.
9.3. Questions and suggestions can be sent through the email, and will be answered within a maximum of 3 working days.

August, 8th, 2019

Organizing Comitee of the 2nd Uberlândia Recorder Academy