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Projeto DuoBrasil: 'Red Leaves'



Sala Camargo Guarnieri – UFU bloco 3M

Betiza Landim: Recorder

Daniela Carrijo: Piano

Do you think there are many Works writen for Recorder and Piano? The DuoBrasil Project proves that the Brazilian repertoire created for this specific setting has been growing constantly. The results of research conducted through many years are presented in this Recital named “Red Leaves”, title borrowed from one of the many pieces written especially for the Duo.

Hubertus Hofmann                 Sonatina Brevaguda
(1929 - 2011)                            I

Osvaldo Lacerda                    Sonata para Flauta Doce e Piano
(1927 - 2011)                           I


Villani-Côrtes                          Romance
(1930 - )


Alfredo Votta                          Mentha sylvestris


Antonio Celso Ribeiro            Four red leaves
()                                              Song 1
                                                Song 2
                                                Song 3
                                                Song 4


Sandra Mohr                          Dança de Negros

David Castelo: 'A Flauto Solo'



Sala Camargo Guarnieri – UFU bloco 3M

Diego Leveric: Lute
Rafael Augusto: Baroque bassoon
Robson Bessa: Harpsichord

The Recorder has figured as a soloist instrument since the medieval period until modern times. Accompanied Recorder sonatas and solo pieces for Recorder will be revisited in this concert that proposes a journey through the history of the Recorder and presents some of the most famous masterpieces written for the instrument. Who would think that the Recorder is capable of playing all this?

Charles Dieupart                                  Suite V, em fá menor

(c.1670 - c.1740)   

     Ouverture - Allemande - Courante - Sarabande - Gavotte - Menuet en Rondeau - Gigue


Hans-Martin Linde                               Music for a Bird

(1930 - )


Arcangelo Corelli                                Sonata V em sol menor

(1653 – 1713)                                     Adagio - Vivace - Adagio - Vivace - Allegro




Ryohei Hirose                                     Meditation

(1930 – 2008)

François Couperin                             Les graces incomparables

(1668 – 173)

A. L. Vivaldi                                      Sonata para flauta doce, fagote e B.C. em lá menor RV86

(1678 - 1741)                                    Largo - Allegro - Largo cantabile - Alegro molto

António Carrilho: 'Les Gôuts Réunis' – a Flauta Doce e a reunião dos estilo(s) barroco(s)



Sala Camargo Guarnieri – UFU bloco 3M

David Castelo: Recorder
Diego Leveric: Lute
Rafael Augusto: Baroque bassoon
Robson Bessa: Harpsichord
Romes Jorge: Baroque oboe

In this concert the Recorder is presented as a versatile instrument, used in the most diverse chamber music settings. The main national styles from the baroque period, such as the Italian, French and german music show us that the Recorder has been evolving through the time and continues to develop new sounds and techniques in contemporary music.

M. Blavet                                           Sonata La vibray

(1700 - 1768)                                      La vibray – Les coquets – Sarabande – Allegro


G. P. Telemann                                 Trio Sonata em Dó menor, TWV 42: c2

(1681-1767)                                       Largo – Vivace – Andante - Allegro


J. S. Bach                                          Trio sonata em Sol m, BWV 1029

(1685 - 1750)                                     Vivace – Adagio – Allegro


G. Tartini (1692 – 1770)                     Il Trilo del diavollo, B.g5

Larghetto Affettuoso – Allegro – Grave/ Allegro assai/ Allegro assai / Grave/ Allegro assai/ Cadência/ Adagio 

*arranjo e cadência @António Carrilho



A Berardi                                          Canzone sesta

(1639 - 1694)


H. Biber                                            Passacaglia

(1644 - 1704)

W. F. E. Bach                                   Trio em Sol M

(1759 - 1845)                                    Larghetto cantabile - Allegro - Adagio – Presto


A L. Vivaldi                                       Concerto em Si m, RV 580

(1678 - 1741)                                   Allegro – Largo – Allegro

Recorder Orchestra Concert of ENFLADU



CREA Auditorium

Uberlândia recorder academy will have its own orchestra, composed by the participants of the festival. The repertoire will be varied and specially prepared for the final concert.

Lecture: Extended technique as a vehicle for musical expression in contemporary recorder performance




Prof. Dr. David Castelo (UFG)

The lecture consists in a summary of the PhD research conducted by the author and concluded in 2018, in which he discusses the relationship between instrumental technique and musical expression. More specifically, it investigates the possibility that extended recorder techniques can be used as a vehicle for musical expression. The fact that the recorder is also a historical instrument, for which an extensive Renaissance and Baroque bibliography was dedicated, contributed to its technique being organized in two main axes: that of traditional technique (understood as that contained in historical treatises) and that of extended techniques (those developed from the 1960s). This distinction is, however, less rigid when a more in-depth study is carried out on the techniques described in the historical treaties.







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